100% High Bloom Gelatin

BSE / TSE free Gelatin

EDQM Certified Gelatin

100% Pharma Grade Gelatin

Halal & Kosher Certified Gelatin


Vegetable-Derived, Water-Soluble Edible Polymer

Starch Free, Gluten Free, Allergen-Free & Non GMO

Non-animal origin ensures suitability for all Consumers Groups

Manufactured by Natural Fermentation - No Chemical Modification

Excellent Film-Former with Heat sealable & Oxygen Barrier properties

Kosher & Halal Certified


Best alternative to Gelatine Capsule

Ideal for Vegetarians or Vegans

Chemically stable, Non-ionic & Inert

BSE/TSE Risk Free

Kosher & Halal Certified- USFDA Registered

Vegetable Origin, Water-Soluble Edible Polymer