Community Outreach

Sanitation activities

SHL is carrying out continuously the following Sanitation related activities:

Developing toilets and promoting sanitation by procuring, distributing sanitary pads amongst the Girls/women and promoting/creating awareness on women hygiene, sex education etc.

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SHL has a policy of donation, grant and or financial assistance to hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, maternity homes, , child welfare centers, clinic, laboratories, mobile medical ambulances, medical and /or surgical equipment and camp and other establishment for giving medical relief to the aged, orphaned, disabled, sick, destitute, abandoned, helpless persons and general public.


SHL has a policy of donation, grant and /or financial assistance to school, college, hostel, libraries, reading room, lecture hall museums and other establishment and institutions for the development of education and diffusion of useful knowledge. Provide for and top afford opportunities and facilities in the field of educations by funding and awarding scholarship, prizes, reward, allowances or other financial assistances to the students.

Social Care

SHL has a policy of donation, grant and /or financial assistance to old age homes, orphanages or other establishment to provide relief to the poor, the destitute, the orphans, the widows, old age person and otherwise provided for them.

Animal Welfare

SHL has policy to contribute in CSR activities as per schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. As of now we contribute as donation to Cow shelter towards animal welfare.