Sunloc, a leading brand of Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules, comes from Sunil Healthcare Ltd. Having started its operations over four decades ago, is the second largest manufacturer of EHG Capsules in India and enjoys immense credibility in various global markets.

  • Established in 1976
  • Listed on the BSE stock exchange.
  • Located in Alwar (Rajasthan), 100 miles south of New Delhi, Capital of India.
  • 2nd largest empty hard-shell gelatin (EHG) Capsule Manufacturer in India.
  • Introduced double-lock, triple lock and multi groove Capsules.
  • Production capacity of 11 billion capsules/year on 22 fully automatic production lines.
  • GMP Certificate as per NSF/IPEC/WHO-GMP/ANSI 363 Guideline & USFDA Certifícate – DMF No. – 18735, TYPE IV.